What We Do

CSP2 provides technical expertise on:

  • environmental effects of water quality contamination related to metals and other toxins associated with mining;
  • application of new mine design and effluent treatment technologies that significantly lessen the environmental impact of discharges from mines; 
  • reclamation of current and abandoned mines;
  • disposal of toxic wastes and low level hazardous wastes; and,
  • risks to fisheries resources from mining.

How do we do this?

  • Submit project reviews or comments on behalf of public interest groups (e.g., comments on EISs).
  • Analyze and suggest alternatives to proposed projects utilizing present or innovative technologies, resulting in more environmentally friendly and economically sustainable projects.
  • Provide technical support in negotiations with government agencies and/or with the project proponents (e.g., negotiating changes to proposed permits).
  • Educate and assist public interest groups in reviewing and commenting on proposed changes to technically oriented regulations (e.g., water quality standards, mining, reclamation, and hazardous waste disposal).
  • Conduct baseline research in proposed mining areas where data on fisheries & aquatic resources are lacking.

The Center is now providing technical support to groups in the United States and Canada, with a limited amount of international work.